Foshan, Guangdong province - The Annual Wen Hua Road Flower Market
Wen Hua road closed off for stalls
Every Chinese New Year, Wen Hua road in Chan Cheng district close to the TV broadcasting tower is closed to traffic and lined up with stalls selling not just flowers, but a whole range of snacks, DIY pruducts, decorative crafts and of course junk.
“Walking On the Flower Street”
“Walking On the Flower Street” is a local folk custom of the Pearl River Delta which starts a few days before the Chinese new year and flowers are a symbol of luck.
More than flowers
If you've ever been to a Chinese street market then you will know there will be stalls selling pretty much anything, however there's a lot decorative items that are worth while taking a look at.
There's a lot of stalls selling craft and DIY products but still there's your typical Knick Knacks that every street market has..
2016; the year of the monkey
Each year the theme will be based on the Chinese Zodiac animal, and 2016 was is the year of the monkry, so it's only befitting to have the Monkey King walking around.
Food and snack stalls
If you're not interested in flowers, then at least come for the food as there is a large stall for food such as squid on sticks and other seafood.
This is Tang Hua which translates to "sugar drawing", it is maltose a crystalized syrup and is drawn by the vendor. You spin the needle and which ever Zodiac animal it stops at he will make it.
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