Uji Matcha dessert bar Foshan, Guangdong province
Matcha not to be confused with Mocha is a finely ground powered green tea originated in China but popularized in Japan, used as a flavour for ice cream and cake, and not just for tea. Matcha has a rich aromatic flavour that is difficult to describe, but is addicting, so if you’ve never tried it before I highly recommend this store.
This store is named 初代宇治抹茶 – Chu Dai Yu Zhi Mo Cha – which basically translate to“first Uji Matcha green tea”. The shop is located in Zu Miao, in between exit A and B on Jian Xin road. It’s easy to choose from the menu as it has pictures even though there’s no English. Keep in mind there’s a bit of a wait as this shop tends to be a bit busy.
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