Imagine this:

Someone is asking for your advice "I think I should quit my job and never work again, what do you think?"

Your response is "no."

What's wrong with this answer?

First, the person has asked for your advice and second "no" is very impolite.

You need to give that person an alternative to quitting their job.

"Why don't you continue your job and look for another, and when you find a better job then you can quit."

Disagree with an agreement:

Sometimes disagreeing with people can be considered an argument, and especially at work with a boss you don't want him/her to think that you are arguing.

The Boss: "I think we should fire half our staff and we should save a lot of money, do you agree?"

You: "Yes, I can see your point and firing half the staff will save a lot of money, but you need to consider that the other staff will become too busy."

1: Mild agreement
2: Acknowledge what they have said 3: transition 4: your argument
"I see your point"
"That is a good idea"
"That is not a bad idea"
"It is a good solution"
"That will solve the problem"
"But you need to consider"
"However, there is a slight problem"
"There is one thing that has been over looked"
"You need to take into account"
"Yes, I can see your point
and firing half the staff will save a lot of money
but you need to consider
that the other staff will become too busy"
Cut out and give to each group, one student reads out the others will disagree with an agreement
I would like to stop eating food altogether so I can become very thin and beautiful.
I think I should quit school and get a job so I can make more money than a student.
I should spend all of my money to buy an expensive car so people will think I am rich.
I want to keep the air conditioner on all day in my room so I won't be hot.
If I make a fire in my room I will be warm throughout winter.
If I flood my bedroom with lots of water I will have my very own swimming pool.
If I stay up all night studying for the exam I will remember everything.
If I steal a million dollars from the bank I will be very rich.
If I listen to my music very loud in my room it will be just like a rock concert.
I want to save money by cutting my own hair because it is too expensive to pay for it.
I don't want to have any friends, so if they die I will never get sad.
I don't want to get a divorce so I don't want to ever get married.
I want to get back to nature, so I think I should spend a month living in the forest.
I think having to take a shower is wasting water and bad for the environment, so I will no longer take showers.
I love animals so much that I want to be surrounded by animals and I will have 50 pets in my room.
I am very lonely, so I want to bring strangers to my home, so I will have friends all the time.
I am afraid to die, so if I stay inside my room for the rest of my life I won't have anything to worry about and be safe.
I don't want to grow old, so I want to die young and be remembered as a young person not an old person.
My life is much better in my dreams, so I if spend the rest of my life sleeping it will be much better.
If I taught myself to speak French it would be cheaper than if I were to go to school.