Print out, cut out, give one to each group, let them spend a few minutes then swap the topic until they have used all ten of them.
Last movie you watched.
When was the last time you watched a movie?
Was it a horror, comedy, love story or action?
Who was the main actor/actress in the movie?
What was the story about and describe what happened in the movie.
Do you prefer to cook or eat out?
What food do you really hate eating?
What is the strangest food you have ever eaten?
What is your favourite food, describe the taste of it and why it is your favourite?
Something you saw on the news.
Do you watch the news on TV or read a newspaper?
If you don't watch or read the news how do you know what is happening in the world?
Something bad happens in another country do you care or not care? Why?
Some people say newspapers are not truthful do you agree or disagree?
This is a question for girls; do you like to look at clothes even though you have no money to spend?
This is a question for boys; how often do you go shopping?
Girls like to shop because it makes them feel good do you agree?
If you are a boy what type of things do you like to buy?
Do you believe in ghost?
Do you believe that ghost are real?
Do you believe that there are people from different planets?
Do you think that people who believe in these things are crazy?
Can you tell a story about a ghost or something very strange?
A bar on campus.
Should the school put a beer bar in the campus for students to go to?
If there was one would you go to it?
The bar would only employ students would you work there?
What problems would a bar on campus cause?
Do you prefer to watch sports on TV or play, why?
What sport do you think is very boring, why?
Do you prefer team sports or sports without teams?
When you get older do you think you would play sports even if you are busy?
Do you know anyone who has a new girl or boyfriend?
Do you know any couple that has broken up recently?
Are you interested in listening to gossip about other people,why?
Why do you think people always want to know about other people's business?
Who is your favourite singer or band?
Can you study while listening to music?
Have you ever been to a live concert and would you want to go to one?
Should a singer not just have a good voice but also be attractive, why?
Summer holiday.
Last summer holiday what did you do?
Next summer holiday what would you like to do?
Is having a summer job better than doing nothing at all, why?
If you were given money but not to work what would you do?