Giving advice
task one:
you and your partner will take turns helping each other with some personal problems.
1: seek advice
"I was wondering if you could help me out with a problem?
"I am in a bit of a jam"
"I have this problem and any advice would be appreciated"
"I have this major problem"
"this is a bit of an embarrassment as I have this problem"
"I have never told anyone about this before but I have this problem"
2: agree to help
"I am all ears"
"Sure, go ahead"
"Why don't you tell me all about"
"I will try to do my best"
"Feel free to open up"
3: choose a problem
"Well you see it is a problem with (main topic), I have trouble with (sub-topic)
Example: "Well you see, it is a problem with money, I have trouble trying to save any"
unable to save
unable to make
lose weight
find one
can't find
want to lose
don't know which one to buy
how to use
don't have any
interests and hobbies
need to find one
can't find any
want to quit
fashion and appearance
what to wear
new hair style
4: offer solution
"The best solution I can offer is ......"
"If I were in your shoes, I would ........."
"What most people would normally do in your situation is ........"
"The only opinion I can think of is ......... "
"I don't know if this is the best solution, but what I think you should do is ........."
5: change roles
Swap roles and try to use the different variations and topics.
Cut up these and ask random students.
I need help with my friends:
Whenever I go out with my friends, they drink so much and get too drunk, I don't want to do this but I like my friends that I don't want to lose their friendship.
What advice could you give me?

All of my friends have nice new things, but I can't afford them, I sometimes feel out of place with them and they might look down at me.
What advice could you give me?

I am always inviting my friends over to my place for dinner, but they never seem to invite me to theirs', I feel they are only my friends when I offer them food.
What advice could you give me?

My friends are always saying mean and harsh things about people behind their backs, I don't want my friends to do this and I don't what to say to them.
What advice could you give me?

Whenever my friends and I watch movies they always want to watch really boring movies, they never want to watch what I would like.
What advice could you give me?

If I buy my friend a gift she always criticize and never really appreciate that I went to all that trouble to buy it for her.
What advice could you give me?