Print out, cut out, hand out and get groups to swap the topics.
I need help with:
Lack of confidence.
What is the best way to improve my self esteem?
Why do you think some people are more confident than others?
Do you think that people are born confident or because their parents raised them to be confident?
I need help with:
Getting along with other people.
I am having trouble making new friends what should I do?
Why do you think some people can get along with different types of people quite well but some people can't?
Is it very important to get along with so many people or just those you have something in common with?
I need help with:
Deciding a career.
I don't know what type of career to choose how do I decide one?
Should I decide by what I am good at or what makes more money, why?
Should I do the same work as my parents or something different?
I need help with:
Lately I have been feeling very lazy and how do I make myself more motivated?
Do people get motivated if only they are doing something they like such as playing sports?
If a person has no motivation does that mean he/she hates their life?
I need help with:
This whole week I couldn't sleep, I would just lie awake all night what should I do?
If a person can't sleep is it because there is something troubling them such as stress from school or work?
What type diet should people have if they want to have regular sleep?
I need help with:
Today I am feeling very depressed but I don't know what I should about it can you help?
Is depression caused by a person view on life such as a negative person is more likely to be depressed?
Should a person who is depressed change their entire life by moving to a new town and start all over again?
I need help with:
Addiction to computer games.
Everyday I play PC games for ten hours and I don't know how to stop, can you help me?
Why do you think some people play PC games all day long?
Do you believe that people who play PC games all day don't want to live in the real world?
I need help with:
Anger management.
I have problems with my anger and I get angry all the time what should I do?
Do you think people with bad tempers are very unhappy people?
If a person who gets angry at me all of the time what should I do?
I need help with:
I can't stop eating chocolate and I eat at least ten chocolate bars a day, what should I do?
People eat more food because they are unhappy what do you think they should do?
Is eating too much chocolate better than smoking cigarettes?
I need help with:
Shopping for things you don't need.
I am always spending too much money on things I don't need but I love to go shopping, what should I do?
When I buy something new it makes me feel happy and when I can't go shopping I am sad, how should I solve this problem?
If I buy gifts for other people and not just for myself does that mean it's okay for me to go shopping all of the time?