Welcome to my section of quizzes and other things that will require scissors and glue.
When you see this star, click on the links to print out the games.
Click on the links below and print out the dice, cut and use the tabs to stick together.
The students are in groups and they have to make as many words as possible. Using these paper dice, they can form words, use the letters twice and use some of the letters. You can use a time limit to give the students a challenge.
The English board game
Six categories such as tongue twisters and riddles.
You can use the printable board or copy it onto the black board. This includes chocolate but you have to buy your own can't download it from here. Some of these have answers given which you can write on the board so the students can guess.
Print out and make the envelopes.
Another English quiz
Print out the envelopes.
Just like the actual board game but you can print straight from this website. You can make more boards for each of your classes.
Print out the board
Page 2 Page 3 Page 4
Print out the letters. Can make as many copies as you want.
Common expressions
36 expressions within 6 categories use the dice to randomize. First roll is for the category than second roll is for the expression.
Cube dice
A standard cube dice with six sides. What makes this better than using small dice from the store is that in a classroom environment it is much more visable.
Pentagon dice
This is a 12 sided dice, it's not as complicated to put together just need nimble fingers when gluing the sides.
Side A Side B
I've used this dice in a debate project - click here.
My first quiz
What you need:
Dice, at least one and some play dough.
Students are in groups and will compete with each other which you can keep score. A student will roll the dice first which will decide the category then a second roll will determine the question. Example if a student rolls 2 then the category will be history and science, then again and rolls 4 the question will be "name an explorer in history. The group can all help that student and must answer within a time limit.
Some task will have extra questions to give and also photos. The photos you can either print out or use on power point. Though I have borrowed these photos from National Geographic website so if you want to change the photos go to this website. Hopefully they won't get angry at me for using their photos on my website.
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