Sure you may know how to cook something simple like chicken wings, but when you're in China getting the ingredients that you normally cook with will be the problem. You could find them at the high end supermarket with the foreign imports, yet it's not always certain it will be in stock. As the government has raised taxes on foreign made imports, they'll be even more expensive, so this article is about using local ingredients instead.
Where to buy the meat
Not all supermarkets in China sell perishables, you may have a small one near your apartment but they won't sell fruit and vegetables, let alone any meat. You could go to a farmer's market, or a large supermarket like Wal-Mart, they're everywhere in China.
In the supermarket they're usually prepackaged and priced in the freezer section or in the butcher's section.
Cooking oil:
You can find different types of oil at supermarkets such as peanut oil, and olive oil.
A little bit of salt.
Two options of flavour:
Either oyster sauce or black beans mixed with garlic. If you have trouble finding black beans, use the oyster sauce instead. Don't use both, or the oyster sauce will cancel out the black beans' flavour.
Copy these photos to your phone to help you find them in the supermarket.
This is what the black beans will look like and this is the amount you'll need to cook with.
Don't be put off by the smell, when cooked that smell is gone and actually tastes good. After opening the bag, keep it in the fridge.
Cooking method
Wash chicken wings and dry with absorbent towel.
Make cuts into the skin to expose the meat on both sides so the salt and flavour can set in.
Add some salt and mix into the chicken
If you're going to cook with black beans; mix with crushed garlic
Heat up the wok and add some oil.
Stir until both sides of the skin have become golden brown.
Then add the black beans mixed with garlic, or the oyster sauce if you're cooking with that.
Cover the wok add some water and cook for about 3 minutes, then turn the chicken wings over for another 3 minutes.
Viola! You can mix the excess oil and sauce with the rice.
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