If you're an expat who's been working and living in China or if you're Chinese, then get paid to write "survival" blogs. Share your knowledge and expertise to those planning to live in China.
What are survival blogs
Your knowledge can help other people; whether it is giving the reader an understanding of Chinese culture, useful Chinese expressions, how to save money or what to avoid, these will make life easier when someone moves to China.
If you're Chinese there are so many topics you can write to help foreigners enjoy living in China, and it's not just language, but it's the everyday things that you may not think is important, yet unknown to foreigners.
What are the categories
You can introduce dishes or snacks to try, how to order certain food or how to eat with other people. What would be really useful is how to cook in China.
Going out
Not just going to a pub or bar, but also traveling and sight seeing, and you can introduce other fun things to do.
How to stay healthy, such as joining a gym, what to do in an emergency and seeing a doctor. Also, getting a massage and buying medicine.
This is a broad category, the topics can range from many everyday things from getting a haircut to socializing in Chinese.
How to save money, dealing with banks and credit cards, and what scams to avoid.
A very useful category; where to shop, how to negotiate and haggle, getting shopping VIP cards, an endless amount of topics.
Buying bus and train tickets, getting around easily in China is imperative to foreigners.
Teaching tips, job hunting skills and how to protect oneself in the Chinese job market.
Learn to speak Chinese
This requires you to record your voice to help foreigners practice speaking Chinese.
What are the types of blogs
Chinese vocabulary blogs
This type of blog is for foreigners to print out and use as a way to help them interactive with Chinese.
Not just for those living in China, but useful for backpackers who are traveling.
Blogs with diagrams
If your blog requires diagrams, we'll make the graphics and you just need to tell us what to make.
You could just draw on a paper and photograph your drawings, then we'll do the rest.
Add photos to your blog
If your blog is mostly writing, then just give us at least one photo to use.
Photos are very useful in promoting the blog, and just makes it more attractive to readers.
Learn to speak Chinese
This blog will require you to record your voice, we just record on our computer and the sound files are MP3.
When recording your voice you will need to do these things:
If it is a list of vocabulary, useful expressions or a sentence, then you'll need to make one sound file for each.
If it is a dialogue, then we'll make diagrams and colour code the grammar.
We'll make a transcript to print out the dialogues.
How to get paid
Wechat Wallet
For each blog, we'll pay you the equivalent of $US10, you'll need to connect with us on Wechat.
Scan our Wechat code to get in contact with us.
Search for Jobs
Looking for a job in China? Then is for you. It is an interactive map of China so you can select the city you want to work in rather than having to screen all the jobs in China. is not a job board where anyone can post a job, instead builds relationships with recruiters. Too many job boards allow mysterious and questionable recruiters who often change their names to post dubious jobs.
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