Getting A Haircut In China
At some point you're going to need to get a haircut when living in China for a given amount of time, and most likely you just want a tidy up rather than a brand new hairstyle. Here is a guide to help you say what you need, but importantly what hairdressers will say to you.
How to find and choose a salon
Always best to find a upper market salon, they're not too expensive and easy to find. It's all based on location, a village street will be very cheap, in a shopping mall selling designer hand bags will be expensive, so the best is just from a side walk entrance in a central business area.
Don't worry about about making an appointment, walk-ins are fine and common in China.
It's also common for salons to offer massages, but just an over your clothes massage that doesn't require you to just be in a towel.
Do they know how to cut my hair?
If you've ever heard some rumour about hair salons unable to cut non-Asian hair, it's most likely either a false rumour or originated back in the time when China just opened up to the West.
Useful tips
Before you come to China, take photos of your haircut to record on your phone. You should do it when you get your hair done back home by your regular hair dresser.
Indicate the length you want taken off by either pointing or measuring with your fingers.
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