In major cities throughout China, cars have pushed out scooters and motorbikes, and sadly tricycle taxis and Tuk-Tuks. However, bike sharing schemes have filled the transportation gap between cars and pedestrians. If your apartment is too close for a taxi from a subway, but a bit too far to walk, than renting a bike would be the better option.
Motorbikes are now illegal to ride and has been phased out of large cities, the government compensated to buy back riders' motorbikes. There were a lot of accidents between motorbikes and cars, but mostly because of road space as motorcyclists don't ride as fast as cars.
Mobike is a sharing system where you can find and park the bike anywhere, which you can locate and reserve a nearest bike with GPS. It's relatively new and not yet in every city, mostly the largest cities in China.
Mobike is an app based bike sharing system, if you're using Android and you can't get access to Google Play you need to search on your phone's app store in Chinese "摩拜单车".
If your phone's system is in English then the app will be in English so don't worry.
According to their terms of service you need to pay 299 RMB security deposit using your Wechat account or Alipay. You'll need to verify your account with your passport and you'll need to take a photo of yourself holding the ID page of your passport.
How to use Mobike
The GPS helps you locate and reserve any nearby bikes. The fee is 1 RMB per 30 minutes.
Reserve a bike by clicking on its icon on the map, but you've only got 15 minutes to get to it and unlock it.
Unlock the bike by scanning the QR code.
When returning the bike you simply lock it manually at an appropriate area, meaning a public area not some dark alley way.
Bike docking stations
The original bike sharing schemes are the dock stations where you can collect and drop off at the nearest dock to your destination. You'll need to apply for an IC card at your local office which you'll need the assistance of a local friend along with your passport.
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