When teaching for a college or high school in China, the class size is large and teaching to this many students requires good classroom management skills. Classrooms in China are all equipped with overhead projectors and you should utilize this technology to manage your classroom.
You'll hear often from frustrated teachers that students won't answer freely, and remain quiet when a question is given to the whole class. Usually the overly confident student will answer every question, but if you want to engage with the students who are shy, less attentive, or you want to break through the cultural barrier you'll have to resort to pointing at students.
I like to use the computer to choose a student, too many students' names to remember, but selecting a student becomes a game in itself. It's far more convenient, effective and interesting than just pointing at a random student.
Option one: use this free tool to pick students
Select a random student
Click the stop button to randomly select a number, and press play to resume.
Also you can click on the smaller numbers that have been previously selected.
You can select 20, 30 or 40 students
Select a pair of students
Click and drag numbers into the middle squares. You can place used numbers in the bottom half of the screen.
You can laminate them to use multiple times, up to 40 cards.
Option two: I'll make a customized name list for your classes
For my college classes I have roughly 50 students per class, having their names already in the Flash saves a lot of time than handing out numbers to each student, but most importantly the lazy student is forced to speak.
The individual feature has a check box next to their names, useful for answering questions, choosing students for dialogues, role-plays and competitions.
The fun part of this feature is when scrolling over the names with the cursor the students yell "stop" to sacrifice their classmates.
The pairs and groups features allows me to organize students to work together so they're not always with the same students. Each name has a drag and drop function and the students will quickly and easily go and sit with their assigned partners.
The form pairs feature is useful for "speed dating" after the timer has run out, then you can change their partners.
If you're interested in this service I will customize one for each of your classes, for a $US5 fee. For example, if you have ten classes, I'll do all of them for a total of $US5 fee.
Get in contact with me through email, or Wechat Chinajobmap_com
Alternative to calling out names for roll call
Because of the classic 80's movie, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", Ben Stein's character, an economics teacher, bores to death the students with a role call, this is why I hate roll calling in a large class. Instead, I cut up these name cards to hand out to every students to fill out.
I rather spend time cutting up pieces of paper while watching movies than to waste class time calling out names of 50 to 60 students.
Helpful tips
Handout to each student personally; you'll know that a student is not covering for their classmate
Handout to students in the second period in the class; some students lose theirs, some come in a bit late to class, and some students might sneak off during the break and get their classmates to hand theirs in.
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