How to sponsor a city guide
Why would you want to sponsor a city guide?
We target expats and mostly foreign teachers who are searching for jobs in China. We pay expats to write blogs, to make photo slide shows and create videos all around China.
If an expat is paid to submit a city guide, then they are very likely to share that page on social media.
Who would benefit from sponsoring
If you're a restaurant, bar, cafe, hostel, tour guide, recruiter, visa agency, travel insurance broker, VPN service or a flight broker would benefit from sponsoring a city guide.
Choose a location
If you're located in a city and you only want business in that city then we will target expats who can write blogs or take photos of that city.
All of China An entire province Or just a city
Requests for content
For example; you are located in Hangzhou, you could request expats to take photos of West Lake. We'll search for expats who have taken photos and get connect them to you.
How to pay expats
The equivalent of $US20 either by Paypal or Alipay directly to the expat, no need to pay us and the advertising on that page is for life. $20 should be attractive for expats to send their photos.
What is your ad?
Apart from banner ads, we can display more information about your business or company, we can help design your advertising and even include some interactions.
Contact us
Contact us by email - click here
Or scan our Wechat code
View current city guides
Alternatively, you can sponsor a current city guide for $10
Click here to view city guides.
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