How to submit city guides
Have you ever found a teaching job where the city was unknown to you and you wanted to find some information from other expats who have lived and worked there?
We will pay you to submit articles, photos and even videos of any city in China.
Option 1:
Write an overall city guide; at least 500 words and 1 photo.
Share your experience on living and working there, what things did you enjoy and what things someone should avoid about that city.
Option 2:
Assignment; article, photos or video
You can break down a city into tourist attractions, restaurants, shopping and even parks. There are unlimited topics you can write or photograph and any topic would be considered. This means you can submit multiple city guides of the same city.
Written article
No matter which city whether it is a top tier city or a small fishing village, I will publish it and pay you to write it.
For articles, at least 500 words and as many photos as you want.
Topics can be an overall city guide, an eating out guide or even things to avoid.
You can send it to my email in a Word document with the photos inserted in the document.
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See sample
Photo Slide Show
If you enjoy taking photos, you can submit at least ten photos.
I will make a slide show of your photos and you can add a description. These photos can be places you've traveled to not just the city you live in.
You can send them directly to my email, or insert them into a Word document.
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See sample
At least five minutes long and there are a few ways to send videos to me.
Youtube link, if the video has already been uploaded then send the address to me. If your email is able to send large files then you can just attach it
  • The video must be yours
  • Can be anything about China
  • Must be family friendly
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How to get paid
Wechat Wallet
For each blog, we'll pay you the equivalent of $US10, you'll need to connect with us on Wechat.
Scan our Wechat code to get in contact with us.
Do I need to be a professional photographer?
Anybody can take photos with their phone, don't need to be a professional photographer and as long as the photos are clear we will accept them.
How many photos can I submit, and what size do they need to be?
At least ten photos and the bigger the better.
Do I need to PhotoShop the photos?
If you don't have PhotoShop, don't worry we can do it and the payment will still be the same.
What if the city is not listed on the website?
Especially for small towns, they may belong to the larger city, for instance I worked in a town called Lin An, this was in the county of Hangzhou. If I were to write a city guide for this town I would file it under Hangzhou city guide. If we have accidentally left out a city we will add it to the list. We don't care how small a city or town is, we will publish it.
Do I have to be an Expat to submit a city guide?
As long it is in English we will publish it. If you're Chinese, an expat or even a backpacker it doesn't matter who you are. Payment will be the same for everyone.
To write an article what software should I use?
You just need to use Word, layout a format with photos included and we will convert it for publishing.
If I write an article but I don't have any photos, can I use some from other sites?
As long as you supply a URL link, where you got the photo from, such as Wikipedia or Trip Advisor then it will be fine.
How many submissions can I make for a single city?
If you're based in a city you can set out assignments, such as shopping, bars, restaurants and anything you can think of. We'll accept any topic as long as it is not offensive or crude.
What if a city or a topic for that city has already been covered by someone else?
For instance, a photo slide show of the Great Wall has been covered, but you want to submit your photos, we will still publish it.
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